July 29 stolen gravestone

I spent around 5 hours at East End today. It was both a good and bad experience. The good part was doing an interview with Greg McQade from CBS6 news. They will air a story about the cemetery tomorrow night, 7/30, at 6 pm with a teaser at 5:30.

There were 2 bad parts. First, when I pulled up, I noticed stuff in the dumpster that shouldn’t be there. It turns out someone backed up to the dumpster and unloaded several wooden pallets in to it. We’ll have to remove them and find somewhere to put them. Later, while showing the CBS 6 folks around the cemetery, I discovered that the gravestone for Dr. R. F. Tancil was missing. The stand was there but the stone was gone. After looking around for it and not finding, I decided it must have been stolen to called the police and filed a report with them. Another volunteer had photographed it around 7 pm Sunday night so it disappeared some time after that. All very disappointing.

On Wednesday, 7/30, channel 8 decided to also do a story on the missing gravestone.  All stories aired on Wednesday night.

Here is the channel 8 story: http://wric.com/2015/07/30/historic-headstone-missing-from-henrico-cemetery/

Here is the channel 6 story: http://wtvr.com/2015/07/30/hero-cleaning-neglected-east-end-cemetery-uncovers-dozens-of-graves/


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