August 13 work day

We worked out at East End for about 4 hours today. There were 50 volunteers of which 49 were another group from VCU Ram Camp. They got a bunch of clearing done and uncovered several grave markers.


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East End Cemetery clean up volunteer coordinator
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One Response to August 13 work day

  1. I saw the work of you and your fellow volunteers. It is appreciated. Having walked the site this afternoon ( I heard about this early this afternoon), I must tell you that what you have done is a good step. Unfortunately, there is literally tons worth of work, some of which should include professional arborists to remove well over 100 to 150 trees.
    I’ll be raising the issue as I speak with folks. This should not be partisan. Abandoned cemeteries are not the same as private family plot cemeteries. The laws should provide for better than this in some form or fashion.
    Especially when the community has buried so many notable people there. People for whom we have good reasons to remember, and honor.

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