Sept. 19 work day

We worked out at East End for about 3 1/2 hours this morning. We had 33 volunteers 22 were from UPS Freight through Hands on Richmond. We also had 6 others from Hands on Richmond, 2 new volunteers and 3 regulars. We got a bunch of weeds whacked, plots cleaned and cleared and some grave markers uncovered.

UPS Volunteers at East End
Photo courtesy of Brian Palmer

East End Cemetery, Henrico County and Richmond, Virginia

East End Cemetery, Henrico County and Richmond, Virginia


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East End Cemetery clean up volunteer coordinator
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5 Responses to Sept. 19 work day

  1. sheila walters says:

    Why not have boy scout troops adopt an section to clean and keep up

  2. Valerie says:

    I just saw a piece on World News about your cemetery work. I just have to tell you that my first impression of the now wooded area was that I was overwhelmed by it’s beauty! I’m wondering if your leadership on this mission would consider not so much “clearing” but sculpting this precious sight into a place that would encourage family and citizens to linger in it’s beauty to consider the lives that were so much a part of our history. Please check out the William Ricketts (sp?) Sanctuary in Melbourne, Australia. It is a wooded area scattered with beautiful sculpture that reveres the aboriginal people of that area.
    I applaud your work.

  3. Anthony Nettles says:

    Hi I saw the report covering east end african cemetery restoration. I’d like to be apart of this process, please send me information on becoming a volunteer and/or forward this to Mr Brian Palmor. I searched for his email, still no success. Thanks for your assistance !

    • jgshuck says:

      We would welcome your help. You can just show up on a day when we are working if there are just a few people. If you have a group, please let me know ahead of time so I bring enough tools, etc. Check out the Volunteer Information tab for more information and the Work Day Calendar tab to see when we are working. John Shuck, volunteer coordinator. 804-728-9475,

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