July 9 work day

We worked out at East End for over 6 hours today. We had 15 volunteers of which 7 were regulars and the rest community members. A couple of the volunteers were out for the first time. We also had 6 visitors and 5 goats. We mowed, cut weeds, recleared plots and hauled trash and the goats chomped away on the vegetation.

One of our visitors was Eric McCarthy from West End Lawn & Garden. He brought his tractor mower out and bush-hogged the roads in East End and Evergreen cemeteries. Thank you Eric.

Another visitor was state senator Donald McEachin. We recently rented a small storage unit near the cemetery. Senator McEachin generously paid the rental on our unit for 10 months. We will be storing our tools in it. Thank you senator McEachin.

I would also like to thank Nelsen Funeral Home employees for volunteering at the cemetery yesterday and for services donated today.


About jgshuck

East End Cemetery clean up volunteer coordinator
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2 Responses to July 9 work day

  1. Laura Dysart says:

    When is the next workday? We’d like to be there. Laura and Jake Dysart:)


  2. jgshuck says:

    We have a group working Tuesday starting at 8 am and we are also working Saturday starting at 9 am. See the Work Day Calendar tab on this site so see when we are working.

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