Nov. 26 work day

We worked out at East End for about 4 hours this morning. We had 21 volunteers – 12 from Hands On Richmond, 6 from VCU sociology and 3 regulars. We cleared plots, hauled brush and found a few gravestones.


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East End Cemetery clean up volunteer coordinator
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One Response to Nov. 26 work day

  1. M.H.Deal says:

    A good way to find graves is to use dousing. Rods will cross at grave’s edge and will continue to cross until the other edge is reached at which time they’ll uncross. Also, the gender of the buried can be ascertained by the direction in which a dousing rod vertically held rotates. I know this sounds nuts BUT when I was at a two day gravestone restoration seminar in Beria, Ohio, I saw it demonstrated numerous times by a participant from Illinois who’d used these techniques to find overgrown cemeteries just like yours. Another participant with cadaver dog and dousing experience remarked that dousing was the equal of cadaver dogs. Don’t know if you’ve done this. But it does work. I was a sceptic but am no more after seeing the results and trying them myself.

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