Gravestone cleaning

We have been trying an approved biological cleaning solution, D/2, for cleaning gravestones at East End Cemetery. These photos show the progress of the cleaning. We applied the cleaning solution twice on June 24 and then let it and mother nature do the rest. The two top images are before and after on June 24. The lower left image is from June 27 and the lower right corner image is from today, July 13.



About jgshuck

East End Cemetery clean up volunteer coordinator
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2 Responses to Gravestone cleaning

  1. Good morning,
    Can you please speak more about this cleaning product ? I am a professional engraver, and most of my job is dedicated to memorial plaque. Your product is wonderfull, and I think it is incredible you took care to this gravestone. I mean it is important to keep memories of the past clean and in a good state.
    I hope my products will remain good as on the first day, or that your product will be famous enough so people can clean gravestone clean and beautiful

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