Work Day Calendar


Volunteers are welcome to join any of the work days listed.  We typically work 3 to 4 hours.   Work days may be canceled due to weather.

March 7, 2020 10 AM work day
March 14, 2020 10 AM WORK DAY CANCELED
June 20, 2020 9 AM TBD
June 27, 2020 9 AM TBD
July 4, 2020 9 AM NO work day
August 22, 2020 9 AM work day
August 29, 2020 9 AM Richmond Hill


9 Responses to Work Day Calendar

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  2. Laura Dysart says:

    My son and I have done the cemetery clean ups last year and want to pick a day again; looking for a free weekend work day. Is it ok to show up on any scheduled work day even if there is a big group going. We are going to try to get to one before the end of August.

  3. Laura Dysart says:

    Meant to say before the end of October.

  4. William Brandt says:

    Our church is looking to do a service project on august 19th. Any chance that can work? We would expect to have about 20-30 join us.



  5. Matt Stevens says:

    By chance are they going to be working tomorrow the 23rd of December? Rain late afternoon.

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