A current list of burials at East End Cemetery can be found on Find A Grave.


17 Responses to Burials

  1. Tim Harris says:


    my name is Tim Harris. My Grandfather, Doctor Peter Martin, is buried here in this cemetery. Do you have information on where approximately within the cemetery he is buried? Any information you can provide will be most welcome.

    • jgshuck says:

      We don’t have any burial records as of yet so we only know of the graves whose markers we have uncovered. From the dates on Find A Grave, he probably is buried in the new section. It is about 10 acres in size and we have maybe a 20% cleared.

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  3. Debra Gibson-Davenport says:

    I had never been in Evergreen Cemetary before today. I was appalled with its condition. So in researching I saw where you had attempted to help here. My hats off to you. I applaud you. And I maybe able to have some young adults who would help at East End. Actually I was wrong..I was at Woodlawn where Arthur Ashe is buried…

  4. Cheryl Holmes-Johnson says:

    A friend shared your page on facebook. Thank you so much for finding my grandfather. I’ve been trying to figure out where my grandparents were buried. I can’t stop crying. Now I need to find my grandmother, she should be right beside him. Thank you!!!!

  5. Larence Wells says:

    I recently found that a great Aunt of mines (Margaretta Judah Foster) was buried here at East End Cemetery in March, 1941.

  6. Anthony R. Ford says:

    I have been looking for my grandparents for four years. Thanks to you John Shuck & the awesome volunteers who have located my father’s parents in East End Cemetery. It was an emotional moment for me, because I am a family Researcher and it meant so much to me. Thanks again

  7. I am looking for a friend of mine sister, named Darlene Robinson Feb. 11, 1960-April 30, 1960. She
    was buried in East End Cemetery. By Lightfoot Funeral Home.

  8. I will let my friend know this information. Thanks.

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  10. Sharon Lockett says:

    Hi. I am trying to locate my grandmother. She was buried there back in 1958. Her nane is Estelle McKnight. Have you come across her grave marker there?

  11. Paula Boisseau says:

    My family has a plot out there. i see my great grandfather Charles Leslie Lee was located on find a grave. I have been out there looking around in the wooded area for years. I have a few family member yet I dont know there names. I was 7 years old when we buried my papa. I know there are others in that plot. Mozelle Gaskins, my uncle jelly roll (government name unknown) I would love to come out with you all to locate my family.

    • jgshuck says:

      Thank you for letting us know about family buried at East End. We do have GPS coordinates for Charles Leslie Lee’s grave so we should be able to find it fairly easily. We work out at the cemetery most Saturday mornings, weather permitting. We would welcome you to come out and we can help you locate your family graves. You can see a calendar of when we are working at: https://eastendcemetery.wordpress.com/work-calendar/ John

    • jgshuck says:

      I checked this morning and Welton and Hettie Lewis are also buried in the same plot.

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