May 25 work day

We worked 7+ hours today at East End. We had 2 shifts of volunteers from The River Lofts at Tobacco Row plus 3 core team members and one UR student for a total of 16 volunteers. We hauled a lot of cut down trees to the side of the road and to the dumpster. I also did some mowing and weed whacking. We cleaned up a plot in preparation for a family visit on Sunday. We also had one family member out working on their plot. A good job was done by all.

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May 24 work day

We worked at East End this morning for about 4 hours. We had 21 volunteers mostly from Dodson Property Management and Midlothian LDS church. We cleared weeds and other growth, hauled branches and limbs from the trees that we had cut down, mowed and trimmed. We filled the dumpster and then some.

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May 12 work day

We had 6 core team volunteers working at East End this morning. We mowed, cut weeds and ran trimmers trying to get ahead of some of the spring growth. A group of James River Hikers stopped by as we were wrapping up. We spent a few minutes telling them about the cemetery and our clean up effort.

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WRIC news story

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May 5 work day

We had a nice turn out today at East End. We had 22 volunteers including several from Cub Scout Pack 501, Tuckahoe Middle School, VCU and other community members. We cleared brush and ivy and also cut up a couple fallen trees. Other mowed and ran a trimmer. The volunteers did find 1 gravestone.

Henrico supervisor for the Brookland district, Courtney Lynch, visited us this morning and we gave her a short tour of the cemetery and of the work we have been doing.

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April 28 work day

2018-04-28We had a great day yesterday to work at East End Cemetery. We had 21 volunteers including members of Keppa Epsilon Psi, community members and all members of the Friends of East End Cemetery. Some of us tackled the spring growth by running mowers and trimmers and the rest worked at clearing more brush and vegetation. At one point we had 3 mower sand 2 trimmers running. The area looks much better now but still more to do.

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April 14 work day

We had 17 volunteers out helping including Kenyon College Alumni,  a Tuckahoe Middle School student and dad, other community members and 4 Friends of East End Cemetery core team.  More clearing was done, fallen trees cut up and several grave markers uncovered.
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