Sept. 24 work day

We worked over 4 hours at East End this morning. We had 29 volunteers, including 5 from Team Rubicon, 9 from VCU History Now, 6 from VCU Kappa Delta Rho and 9 other community members. We cleared plots, we cleared regrowth and cut down a few small trees. We found several grave markers. Also Team Rubicon reset a military grave marker that had been pulled out of the ground many years ago. It is now reset in the plot where it belongs.

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Sept. 23 work day

We had 6 students from VCU’s Medical Sociology class join us for 3 hours today. Three of them were first timers! We took advantage of the damp soil to cut and pull tall weeds growing in the graves along the road heading towards the older end of the cemetery. We did uncover a gravestone but it may have been found before. Also, two community members toured the cemetery and took pictures.

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Sept. 18 work day

We worked out at East End for around 3 hours this morning. We had 13 volunteers including 3 UR WILL* students, 4 VCU, 2 community members and 4 regulars. We worked at re-clearing one of the grown up areas

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Sept. 17 work day

We had 7 VCU students (AFAM 491) and 3 community members work about 4 hours to clear several plots. They uncovered a metal marker and three new grave stones. We also re-discovered two other grave stones that had become overgrown. We were able to move 2 large stumps that were dumped in the road. A photo journalist  enroute to NY stopped by to take pictures and will be posting pictures up on Instagram.

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Sept. 15 work day

We worked out at East End for about 4 hours this morning. There were 4 of us, 3 of whom were VCU students. We cleared off overgrowth and I cut down a couple trees. Someone dumped a couple stumps on the edge of the entrance road that we will have to clean up on Saturday.

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Sept. 13 work day

We worked out at East End for over 4 hours this morning. We had 9 volunteers from Clarke Environmental. They cleared plots, hauled brush and uncovered a few grave markers. I did some mowing and weed whacking before they arrived.

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GoFundMe to replace stolen gravestone

Many of you might remember that a headstone was stolen from East End Cemetery last summer. It happened to belong to one of our most prominent East Enders, Dr. Richard F. Tancil—a remarkable man who was born into slavery circa 1852, went on to earn his MD at Howard University, and set up a medical practice in Richmond’s Church Hill neighborhood, where he also founded a bank. According to his great-granddaughter-in-law, the family archivist, he was beloved by his wife, children, and grandchildren, who remembered him as funny, generous, and kind.

We are now raising money to replace Dr. Tancil’s headstone, which vanished from the family plot at the end of July 2015. We have a new stone, thanks to a generous donor, but will need to have it inscribed to match the original.

On Saturday, October 22, we will be hosting a dedication ceremony at East End to honor Dr. Tancil and his family, at least one of whom will be in attendance.

Our fund-raising goal is $500. Any money left over will go into our fledgling Adopt-a-Stone fund, which will help us pay to replace other missing or damaged headstones at the cemetery.

We would be deeply grateful for your contribution to this effort. Dr. Tancil is one of the great unsung leaders of Richmond, and your support will help preserve his memory.

Help spread the word!

Stolen gravestone GoFundMe

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