July 18 work day

We worked about 4 hours at East End this morning. We had 12 volunteers, 11 of whom were from Stony Point Church/CHAT. After hauling some brush, they worked on clearing some plots. They uncovered several gravestones. I also got some weed whacking done.

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July 16 work day

We worked out at East End and Evergreen for over 4 hours today. We had 10 volunteers. When I arrived at East End I noticed someone had almost filled up our dumpster with brush they put in it. They also left a couple of chairs. We did clearing and weed whacking and then moved to Evergreen.

At Evergreen we cleared all of the brush and trees off of the area around Rev. Andrew Bowler’s plot. We cleaned off one marker in that area.

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July 12 work day

We worked out at East End and Evergreen this morning for over 4 hours. We had 9 volunteers We hauled a bunch of bags of illegally dumped trash from East End to the curb where the county will pick it up. We weed whacked, cleared kudzu off of Sarah Jones’ plot and cleared a plot across the road from Sarah Jones’ plot in Evergreen.

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Abandoned Black Cemeteries article

Here is a link to a Buzzfeed article written by one of our volunteers:

Buzzefeed article

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Garden & Gun Magazine article

The latest issue of Garden & Gun magazine (August/September) is now on the newsstands. They have an article about the East End and Evergreen Cemeteries clean up. I haven’t read it yet, just looked at the pictures. We found a copy at Barnes & Noble.

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July 9 work day

We worked out at East End for over 6 hours today. We had 15 volunteers of which 7 were regulars and the rest community members. A couple of the volunteers were out for the first time. We also had 6 visitors and 5 goats. We mowed, cut weeds, recleared plots and hauled trash and the goats chomped away on the vegetation.

One of our visitors was Eric McCarthy from West End Lawn & Garden. He brought his tractor mower out and bush-hogged the roads in East End and Evergreen cemeteries. Thank you Eric.

Another visitor was state senator Donald McEachin. We recently rented a small storage unit near the cemetery. Senator McEachin generously paid the rental on our unit for 10 months. We will be storing our tools in it. Thank you senator McEachin.

I would also like to thank Nelsen Funeral Home employees for volunteering at the cemetery yesterday and for services donated today.

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More goats

Goats will be back at East End Cemetery all day tomorrow and Saturday (7/8 & 7/9) in case anyone wants to come by and see them chomping away and see what we are doing there.


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