Oct. 12 work day

On a nice, cool morning we worked about 3 hours at East End today. We had 22 volunteers including 1 volunteer from the Wounded Warrior Project; 12 VCU students from various organizations – Medical Sociology class, HistoryNow, Alpha Sigma Alpha, ASPiRE; 5 community members and 5 core team members. We continued clearing brush and ground cover and also did some mowing. We also found 2 markers. The cemetery is looking better and better after each work day.

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Oct. 5 work day

On a nice, cool fall morning, we worked 3+ hours at East End Cemetery. We had 17 volunteers with folks from VCU and the community and 6 core team members. We continued cleaning summer growth and ran a trimmer. We found a few grave markers and installed a few new grave markers to replace deteriorated courtesy markers. The area worked looks great. We also had a few visitors.

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Sept. 28 work day

Yesterday 9 volunteers, including 5 representatives from VCU and the community, worked about 3 hours at East End Cemetery. It was humid but we still cleared overgrowth, ran 2 weed whackers, a lawn mower and cut and hauled a fallen tree. The team pulled out a rotted stump to end the day. Even better, we found one new grave marker. Earlier in the morning another community member stopped by to ask about our work hours; Saturday’s 9:00am, weather permitting.

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Sept. 21 work day

We worked around 3 hours today. We had 25 volunteers with representation from VCU’s ASPiRE program, Sigma Phi Epsilon, UofR and VCU students.
They joined the 5 core team members in the 1950’s section cutting and pulling vines and weeds. We located five new grave markers! Some of the UofR students began their class project selecting family members to record and research.

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Sept. 14 work day

What a great work day at East End Cemetery today. We had 110 volunteers and 3 visitors! Most of the volunteers were students and faculty from VCU and University of Richmond. There were also 6 community members and 7 core team members. We had 3 trimmers going and lots of manual cutting and pulling of weeds and brushy growth, clearing around gravestones and cutting vines off of trees. We almost got the dumpster almost filled and created a big pile of brush on the side of the road. When you drive in the entrance now you can see all the way in to the cemetery. We had VCU students start on one side of the area by the entrance and UR students the other side of the area and it didn’t take them long to meet up toward the middle. We also found and uncovered 8 grave markers in spite of some harassment by big bees.

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Sept. 7 work day

We worked about 4 hours this morning at East End Cemetery. We had 11 volunteers and 3 visitors. One of our volunteers was helping for the first time. All were community members or core team. It was a busy morning with lots of different activities. We mowed, we trimmed, we cut up fallen trees, we cut/pulled weeds, we cut vines off of trees, we re-found grave markers and we used the GPS to record over a dozen grave marker locations and may have found a new marker or two.

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Aug. 31 work day

We worked 3+ hours at East End this morning. We had 16 volunteers and 2 visitors including one very enthusiastic 11 year old. Several of the volunteers were volunteering at East End for the first time. We got 4 fallen trees cut up and hauled to the dumpster. We also mowed and cut and pulled weeds and cut vines off of trees. In the process of doing this we found 4 new grave markers.

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