With the grave markers found by volunteers last Saturday at East End Cemetery, we reached a new milestone. We now have over 3000 readable markers that have been found and put on Find A Grave for East End. We started with 65 in 2013.

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Aug. 18 work day

What a great day we had at East End with at least 25 volunteers! Many thanks to the Chesterfield LDS church; Kristine Grayson and her husband, John; honorary Friend of East End Chris Graham and other new and returning volunteers! We knocked down a large swath of towering weeds, made many brush runs to the road (thanks to Bill for the use of his truck), and uncovered five grave markers in the process. We also spotted a few critters….a turtle and a harmless snake. We also welcomed Oakwood Arts as they created quilt squares from cyanotype on fabric.

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Aug. 11 work day

We worked at East End for 3+ hours this morning. We had 4 community members, 3 regulars and 1 family member visiting. We pulled and cut tall weeds, mowed and ran the trimmer. We got the end of ‘U’ road cleared of tall weeds. Still more tall weeds to remove.

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Aug. 4 work day

We worked for about 4 hours this morning at East End. We had 14 volunteers with folks from Cool Spring Baptist Church and Democratic Socialists of America. We pulled and cut a lot of tall weeds, ran trimmers and mowers. We made a big dent in the tall weeds that have grown this summer. We even found a couple of grave markers.

The picture below shows the area cleared. The whole area was big, tall weeds when we started this morning. Great job done by all.


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July 28 work day

We worked about 3 hours at East End this morning. We had 7 volunteers – 2 community members and the rest core team members. We cut up fallen limbs, cut down some dead and live trees, cut off stumps, mowed, trimmed, pulled weeds and recorded some more GPS coordinates. Our special thanks to Mike for stopping by with his chainsaws and doing a lot of chainsaw work for us.

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July 21 work day

We had a great morning at East End Cemetery. We had 98 volunteers from the the West End Assembly of God church, 2 community volunteers and 5 core team members. We got a lot of maintenance done. A lot of weeds were whacked and mowed, fallen trees and limbs cut up, and gravestones cleaned. We also found a few grave markers. In the midst of all the weeds we even found a hibiscus blooming.

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Five years later

The first day we worked at East End Cemetery in 2013, I took a set of pictures that I was able to stitch together to create a panorama. I tried to stand in about the same spot 5 years later and take the same set of pictures and create another panorama. Below is the result.


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